More Ramblings: A New America

Photo by Todd Trapani on People are grouped into communities. They help one another and are there for one another. Community gardens are utilized and are a team effort. Full-stocked pantry houses are easily accessible for those in need. There's no price gouging. No overpaying for everyday essentials. We're all here to help one … Continue reading More Ramblings: A New America

Positive Ramblings, Part 1

Surround yourself with people that are good for you and your soul. People that encourage and support you. People that love you for you. Love yourself. You are a beautiful creation, and God chose you to be here. Don't settle. Whether it's a relationship or a job. Know your worth. You are incredible and deserve … Continue reading Positive Ramblings, Part 1

Let’s Talk Healthy Snacks! – #wellbeing #health

Many of us are trying to get into the routine of better, healthier living. That includes choices of food. One major issue I personally run into is I'm such a snacker! I'm a bored eater and a stress eater. So what better way to motivate myself, and maybe a few of you, than to list … Continue reading Let’s Talk Healthy Snacks! – #wellbeing #health