More Ramblings: A New America

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People are grouped into communities. They help one another and are there for one another. Community gardens are utilized and are a team effort. Full-stocked pantry houses are easily accessible for those in need.

There’s no price gouging. No overpaying for everyday essentials. We’re all here to help one another, to survive, and to make the world a better place.

People are paid based on the job, their tasks, their work ethic, and the amount of work they put in. There’s fair treatment.

Workplaces value their hard-working employees. Appreciation is shown daily & incentives are often offered. There’s no favoritism. No unnecessary politics. Work is simply work.

Everyone has fair and affordable insurance. Issued and paid for by the government. Not from tax payers’ money.

Doctors listen to their patients and pay attention to them, then properly treat them. They don’t rush them out the door after spending 5 minutes with them. The visit is worth everyone’s time.

Viruses and diseases aren’t created in labs. Instead, they’re researched and studied until cures are found. Top scientists and doctors work together to improve the health of the people. The well-being of people is of utmost importance. It’s not about the money. It’s not about the fame. It’s about change.

Mental health matters. It’s not scrutinized or downplayed. It’s a real disease that affects a lot of people. There are doctors that are eager to help with mental health issues. Be it depression, anxiety, bipolar, and so on. There are also hotlines and community helpers that are willing to listen, support, and advise.

Money isn’t everything. It’s a part of life in terms of survival for food, utilities, etc. But it’s not idolized. There are other things that are much more important, like family, friends, and community. There’s faith and passion. Matters of the heart and soul outweigh anything money can offer or provide.

Family. Family has new meaning. Gone are the days where social media or entertainment comes first. Instead, families spend time with one another and grow together. Children are raised in loving homes, even when parents fall out of love.

There aren’t Democrats, Republicans, or Liberals. There’s equality and life. Doing better for the people. There’s a focus on lessening crime and homelessness. People work together to create the better, to bring a change to communities that benefits everyone.

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