Let’s Talk Potluck! #bookrelease #recipes

My book, The Power of Love, has officially released!! *insert happy dance* In the book, we attend a holiday celebration where the townspeople bring along their favorite homemade dishes, and who doesn't love a good potluck?! So in honor of the release, I'm going to share some of my own potluck recipes & tips. I'd … Continue reading Let’s Talk Potluck! #bookrelease #recipes

Fall Bucket List

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com This is my favorite time of the year! ❤ Cooler weather, pumpkin and apple everything, and a reason to celebrate all things spooky. How do you bring in autumn? What are some of your favorite activities? Share with us in the comments! Visit a farm! Typically, there are lots … Continue reading Fall Bucket List

Let’s talk #travel!!

Photo by veerasak Piyawatanakul on Pexels.com Hello, friends! Today is a great day to discuss some travel tips! Above all else, vacations are meant to be enjoyed, but it’s always smart to take some precautions. We are living in crazy times, so make sure you take care of yourself and your family. Give a family … Continue reading Let’s talk #travel!!

Positive Ramblings, Part 1

Surround yourself with people that are good for you and your soul. People that encourage and support you. People that love you for you. Love yourself. You are a beautiful creation, and God chose you to be here. Don't settle. Whether it's a relationship or a job. Know your worth. You are incredible and deserve … Continue reading Positive Ramblings, Part 1

If Sleep Wasn’t Necessary

Let's be honest, we would go a little crazy without sleep, but could you imagine if it weren't necessary? How much we could get done? How many projects we could complete? Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on Pexels.com Let's make a quick list. I'd love to hear what everyone would spend time on, aside from the … Continue reading If Sleep Wasn’t Necessary

Budget-Friendly Family Activities

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. on Pexels.com Fabulous morning to you all! Today's post focuses on affordable activities for the whole family. A little something for everyone, no matter what it is you enjoy. If you have your own ideas to share, I'd love to hear them in the comments section. Get outdoors! National parks, … Continue reading Budget-Friendly Family Activities