Let’s Talk Potluck! #bookrelease #recipes

My book, The Power of Love, has officially released!! *insert happy dance* In the book, we attend a holiday celebration where the townspeople bring along their favorite homemade dishes, and who doesn't love a good potluck?! So in honor of the release, I'm going to share some of my own potluck recipes & tips. I'd … Continue reading Let’s Talk Potluck! #bookrelease #recipes

Let’s Talk Healthy Snacks! – #wellbeing #health

Many of us are trying to get into the routine of better, healthier living. That includes choices of food. One major issue I personally run into is I'm such a snacker! I'm a bored eater and a stress eater. So what better way to motivate myself, and maybe a few of you, than to list … Continue reading Let’s Talk Healthy Snacks! – #wellbeing #health