What chapters would you separate your autobiography into?

This is such a fun question and a fantastic personal and thought-provoking exercise. It allows you to dig deeper into yourself. We dive more into what makes us who we are and how we got to where we are today. I would love to see others participate. What would your chapters be? Photo by cottonbro … Continue reading What chapters would you separate your autobiography into?

If Sleep Wasn’t Necessary

Let's be honest, we would go a little crazy without sleep, but could you imagine if it weren't necessary? How much we could get done? How many projects we could complete? Photo by Acharaporn Kamornboonyarush on Pexels.com Let's make a quick list. I'd love to hear what everyone would spend time on, aside from the … Continue reading If Sleep Wasn’t Necessary

Journaling Fun

There's no right or wrong way to journaling. It's about you and your thoughts. Find a journal that speaks to you. (Amazon has a ton of affordable options.) You could even create your own. Check out some diy journal ideas on Pinterest. Let yourself be creative! Once you have that part done, it's time to … Continue reading Journaling Fun

Book Reviews, Part 4

VOODOO OR DESTINY: YOU CHOOSEby Jan Sikes The Facts:  Claire Winters is heartbroken when her husband of many years says he's found a new love and wants a divorce. While having a pity party with her best friend, Jade, they come up with a daring idea. Together, they construct a Voodoo doll and with the … Continue reading Book Reviews, Part 4

Book Reviews, Part 3

HALLOWEEN WRITING PROMPTSby W.J. Scott The facts… 13 Spooky Writing Prompts to ignite your imagination. Bats and cats, owls and howls, trick-or-treat, hosts and ghosts. Kids, have fun this Halloween by creating spooky stories to scare your family and friends.  (blurb from Amazon) My thoughts… Just as the title suggests, this book contains writing prompts geared towards all things spooky. … Continue reading Book Reviews, Part 3

Book Reviews, Part 1

EMBRYOby J.A. Schneider EMBRYO is an amazing book, absolutely wonderful! It revolves around Jill Raney, an intern at a well-known hospital. This hospital, famous for its fertility and genetic engineering, becomes the sight of tragedy. After two pregnant women die and other pregnancy complications arise, Jill questions her superiors–including the handsome resident David–however, they insist … Continue reading Book Reviews, Part 1

Blog Post Ideas

Fun facts about yourself.Fun facts about your books or characters.Character interviews.Character development.Where do you get your story inspiration from?What’s your ideal writing space?Travel bucket list.Writing bucket list.5-year plan.10-year plan.Favorite book covers.Tell the story behind your book cover.Favorite authors.Favorite books.Favorite bloggers.Favorite movies.Book, movie, or product reviews.Favorite music, songs, artists, decades, etc.Favorite recipes.Instructional cooking video.A day in … Continue reading Blog Post Ideas

Random Facts

1. I love cooking and baking. I’m not one to go by a recipe. I usually add in my own ingredients for more flavor. 2. I am a horror fanatic. Horror movies, haunted locations, ghost shows… I tend to be obsessed. The month of October gets crazy!! 3. I can make friends anywhere. Restaurants seem … Continue reading Random Facts